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Ken's new song "hug"!!

Our pleas have been answered! Hirai Ken's new song, titled hug, will be the CM song for Kochakaden's new Royal Milktea drink. There is no announced release yet, but I don't think SME is that evil to not release it and make us wait even longer for a new Ken single.

You can watch the CM (and hear the song!) on Kochakaden's website. Go to the website, wait for the flash to load, when the faceless guy asks a question, choose the first option, then type in your name in the space provided. Another short flash sort of thing. Then click on the side where it says "Bar Lounge." Wait for it to load, when the faceless waiter asks you a question, choose either option, when a second question pops up, choose the upper option, then you can choose to watch the 15 second version (top buttons) or the 30 second version (lower buttons) and choose Broadband (left buttons) or Narrowband (right buttons).

I really like the song. It's a slow, casual-sounding song. Gah. Hope he gets the whole thing out soon!

Really hope it gets released soon. We need new Ken music!!
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